"Beware of Hole" Behind the Scenes

My Stop Motion project is in post production & there it will stay until I have all the time in the world to clean up the lighting situation that spoiled films' completion! Here's what the hold up was:
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

These photos were taken back to back without anytime space in between and can you see the difference in the lighting? Dang it!! A lot of the film has lighting issues! I'm not sure if it was the bulb dying or what, but this is the Photoshop(of horrors) that I'll have to repair- Adjusting all the lighting to match! Again I say: "DANG IT!"
This is a photo from the Bird Scene

Here's all 3 arms on the move
In the Boy's Scene he look curiously into the mysterious hole
I must admit, even though Stop Motion is A LOT of work- I had a bunch of fun doing it! I'll keep tinkering with this project until I get it finished!
This is the layout for the story board

In the film, I put an eerie green glow around the hole as it got bigger

I try to write my notes as detailed as possible

AWE!! Poor Bird, 1st Victim!

Drawing of the arms on the move

All three hands in action
I took some "Behind the Scenes" photos while I was working on "Beware of the Hole".